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Unregulated pooled investment

The FFMA regulates many types of Pooled Investments (PIs); however companies are promoting unregulated Pooled Investments known as UPIs. A UPI is a fund where many people invest in the same fund like bonds or stocks and then split earnings according to the investment size. If you invest in a UPI, know that you are offered no protection in the case of fraud or other complications.

Limited UPI Allowance

It is the goal of the FFMA to expand trade to the greatest extent possible, while at the same time protecting investors. It is for this reason that the FFMA has created a limited framework in which allows for the sale of UPIs for a limited audience.

Included in this limited framework are the following categories:

  • - High net worth investors who have been certified as such.
  • - Investors who have existing UPI’s
  • - Certified Investors

The FFMA will be making detailed checks to ensure that companies abide by these criteria. Any company found to be violating these standards will have their license suspended on the first offense for three months and license revoked upon the second offense.

How to protect yourself?

Before agreeing to a UPI, ensure that you fall under the above permitted categories and receive a verbal and written explanation as to how a UPI will be beneficial to your portfolio. It is important to make sure that you understand all risks and if the broker cannot fully explain why a UPI applies to you or the risk involved, do not enter into that venture. In addition, review in detail important facts and figures like to target return rates.

If you think that you were misled and did not fall into one of the permitted categories, please contact FFMA complaint department.

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