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Q.1 Dependents

In order to properly assess your finances, your advisor will need to know how many people are depending on you to finance them. This could include wife, children or even grandchildren.

Q.2 Household Income

It will be important for your advisor to know what the income in your house is, perhaps your wife works and that will help free up more funds for the purpose of investment and that leads into the next question.

Q.3 Available Investment Funds and Length of Investment

You will have to explain exactly how much funds you have to invest either as a lump sum or over a certain time period. It is important for you to share with your advisor the length of time you want to invest for. Perhaps it will short or long term investment plans.

Q.4 Have you made past or have current investments.

ive your advisor full access and let him understand how your past or current investments are doing. The more accurate information you bring, the more streamline of a plan your advisor can create.

Q.5 Risk Levels

It is important for your advisor to know how you perceive risks and what risk level you should be placed into. This makes a very big difference in how you will be advised.

Q.6 Investment to avoid

You should let your advisor know in what investments you want to be involved with and what you are uncomfortable with. Sometimes it will be moral issues and sometimes it will be for practical reasons.

Q.7 Investment Review

Depending on how often or non-often you want to review your investments will determine what investment paths you should be set on.

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