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Non-regulated companies often call people with pension plans and offer free assessments. Some of these non-regulated companies will even claim that they are calling on our behalf of the FFMA.

The FFMA strongly urges everyone to be vigilant about such reviews, if you feel there is a reason to possibly work with them take down all relevant information and check with the FFMA pension division. It is very unlikely for an authorized party to cold call in regard to pensions; true professional advice is never free. You might get one free consultation, but is only a ploy to rope you in.

Non-regulated companies if successful in getting their hands on your hard earned pension generally invest your money in overseas investments. These investments run a very high risk and it is important to remember that you are risking your future post-retirement income. Most overseas investments conducted by non-authorized companies are not eligible to be considered by the FFMA complaints department.

Need a pension review?

It is important to get advice from an authorized financial consultant. If you doubt a consultant is authorized by the FFMA or have doubts about the authenticity of a FFMA certificate, do not hesitate to contact the FFMA certificate department.

Make sure that your adviser explains in depth all risks and how they apply to your financial situation. Review each possible option, including leaving your pension untouched (usually the safest of options).

If you have changed pension course through an authorized firm and have concerns regarding how the information was presented and which options were presented to you, please contact the FFMA pension division.

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